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Reclaim, Reconnect, Recharge Yourself- Online


Designed mainly for anyone 50yrs +. All you need is 20 minutes a day to start turning your life around and getting back to YOU!


By joining up, you get to choose what you do, when you do it and for how long. There are exercises where you follow along with me for just $69 per year, OR guided relaxations starting from a few minutes up to an hour for just $49 per year! You can choose either option or get both for only AUS$89 per year! Be your own best friend.


Reclaim, Reconnect, Recharge,

from the Comfort of Your Home

When I wasn't working, cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving to and from school or sports events, I was just too tired to think about anything else. I felt invisible, like I had lost me. One day I decided snatch a moment, just for me, and meditated for a couple of minutes. Wow, it felt good!!! This small beginning led me to gradually reconnected with my lost self, through meditation and exercise. I grew more confident, and, eventually, after the school runs were over, I began to formulate what is now my Reclaim, Reconnect and Recharge business. I would love to share this with you.



You choose what do you, where you do it and when you want.

Guided Relaxations with beautiful soft background music to calm your mind and relax your body. They go for 3minutes to 30minutes.

The 50+ Fitness Exercises are suited for all abilities, from beginners to those who have exercised before and are shown in both full one-hour classes and all the individual elements.

Check out below for a taster of what I offer.


FREE Class Sample

FREE Meditation

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Watch Anywhere

No experience needed

No Fancy Equipment Needed

Watch On Any Device



“Lots of variety in the exercises and Penny makes it all lots of fun. Highly recommended”


“If you want a meditation that leaves you with a sense of peace and wellbeing, I can highly recommend Penny as a facilitator”


“I am so happy I found this class. Penny makes the class fun and always offers options”


“Through these wonderful Guided Meditations, I have felt the benefits even after the first session..”


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