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Penny Cooper


I love all forms of physical fitness. I have danced since I was 4 years old, initially to keep me out of mischief as my sister loved ballet and I was more a tom boy. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it, especially the jazz, mime, and free dance section. I grew to love all aspects of physical health and wellbeing and later became an exercise teacher, including general fitness, step-classes, and aerobics. I designed a class for people with injuries or restrictions and that was so much fun.


On moving to Australia, starting a family and working, time and years flew by. When I finally got some time to myself I thought I would see if I could join a dance class or something, but, I could not find any classes suitable for my age group.


With the encouragement of family and friends,  Mind Body Harmony Coach was created. I realised there was a need for classes where people could go at their pace and ability. Some had never done anything like this before, but wanted to try, in a safe environment, some had physical challenges that stopped them. So, I started designing classes around sitting and standing, and the classes grew over and developed from there.


During the Covid lock-downs, my class members asked if I ever considered putting my classes and relaxations online. Some members could not leave home due to pre-existing conditions, and it made me realise that there were probably many people who not get out to a class, because of working or having no class nearby to go to.


That is how my online classes and relaxations started. I have put together a range of fitness classes, that be done as a one-hour class, or you can choose a section/segment, and just practice that. With the relaxations, I have recorded short relaxations, 2-5 minutes, where there is not much time available, up to 30minutes. Again, you choose which one and how long. I think it is important to have choice, without complication.

Blessings, Penny


Here are some of the lovely ladies (and the odd gent), who attend in-person classes on a weekly basis. As you can see, they are all ages, shapes and sizes with one thing in common though - they are all smiling. These smiles are even after the class. So come on join in online with me.

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